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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lemonade Making

One of the most exciting play moments that has happened to me this year has been the making of lemonade with the children.

We made the lemonade because we were all outside playing in the sandpit making pretend drinks (including lemonade) and I suggested why don't we make it for real!  Starting a month long love affair with lemonade (that is still continuing for some of the children).

I found a no cook lemonade recipe online (from american profile) brought in the ingredients and went from there.

First, we wrote the recipe out on the white board. I started and then the children wrote a line each (these were mostly the older children) 

We then all worked together. First, the children were given a lemon and we talked about how we were going to get the juice out - lots of suggestions!

Then I cut the lemons up and gave each child a half. I asked them to not taste the lemon until they had juiced their half (some couldnt resist so luckily we had spares).

The children juiced their half each and added it to the large measuring jug.

Then when that was done we moved onto the sugar. Each child added a spoon each.
Then we all had a turn stirring (counting to ten as we went). Then we added the water and then we drunk it!!

It was very exciting and surprisingly delicious.

The children and I proceeded to make lemonade over and over with same and different children over the next few weeks. At one stage we even added limes to the recipe (I had some at home which were looking a bit worse for wear).

I supported this learning experience by a poster talking and showing about the process including the recipe which you can see below and pictures of each step. I placed lemons, the juicer and the measuring cups on this seat (didnt have a spare table). Here the children are pretending they are at a lemonade stand.

I also provided opportunity for further exploration through dramatic play.--providing the materials with wooden fruit. Below this child is making lemonade.

And he is sharing it with his friend. You can just see in the blue cup is just wooden lemon

Here is a different day and different children also exploring making the lemonade in dramatic play.

The children got so good at making the lemonade I didn't even have to tell them what to do - just give them the materials!!

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  1. This is part of the We Play link up

  2. We love to make lemonade at our preschool too - I'm going to give your recipe a try :) I love the way you had the kids help to write your recipe.

    We keep all our recipes in a recipe book (just a scrapbook), along with photos of the kids making whatever it happens to be. They love to look back and remember.

  3. great idea! I'm on the look out for recipes I can make with my toddlers - this looks exactly right!

  4. Great idea! I bought some folders to do a similar thing for games we play and building we create... will set one up for cooking.

    I think its great to let kids (and adults) return to their work and achievements.

    My ultimate aim is to set up a art room when children can keep building on their art works - for i know i cant do my best painting in one sitting

    The constant focus in some centres on novelty confuses me when as adults we often return to the same things again and again whether it be books, art, craft or cooking.

  5. Wow, what a great idea for a preschool task.

    I have made lemonade with my daughter at home (we have a lemon tree) but I'm pretty sure they don't do much cooking at preschool (due to allergy constraints etc). Lemonade would be perfect though - no egg, gluten, dairy, nuts...

    I look forward to following more of your preschool adventures!