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As early childhood professionals, we are actively involved in this process but we also need to work closely with the children, parents, community as a whole and other allied professionals.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Settling in to my new centre

In case any of you were worried about how my new workplace is going - It's going great!!

The staff are wonderful, the owner has a great vision for the centre and what she wants to achieve, the children are warm and welcoming and very settled (even the ones that started this week)....

I am beginning to scope out what needs to be done from here and while the list is long I am reasonably calm about it all and know that between us all we will get there.

Firstly, I have to clean out the store room so I know what's there ;)

Then quality art materials is second on the list as rapidly setting up my atelier

This will be following by a large focus on the home corner/dramatic play.

In between, I will be working on planning and programming with the staff to make sure all of the staffs' wonderful work with the children is documented and recognised

As you can see busy busy.. will start sharing photos soon.

Though hard readjusting to a full time working week (i will have flexibility to roll back in future) and so glad I have my art class this morning as a break (and a catch up with Jacqui and Vicki tonight!).


  1. When you are done with your store room could you come on over and clean out ours :)

    Great that you are so enthusiastic about your new job. I always try to remember: think big, start small, never stop. There is always so much to be done!

  2. Thanks Jenny...

    Very good advice... I've already had to tell myself a thousand times to slow down and work out what is already here first

    My boss and I are planning to create lots of projects on MS project and break everything into tiny measurable steps - ahhh the benefits of previously working in the public service - I know how to plan a project that may take 5 years ;) and how to change the due dates he he..