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As early childhood professionals, we are actively involved in this process but we also need to work closely with the children, parents, community as a whole and other allied professionals.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Montessori schools

Sorry for the delay in posting, I have been flat out at my new centre setting up programming documents and primary carergroups etc

I just quickly wanted to draw attention to the inner Sydney Montessori school's open day tomorrow this is their website: www.isms.nsw.edu.au.

Having studied at Macquarie we tend to focus on Reggio more than other philosophies so it was fascinating this week to have a quick visit to their school and see how similar a lot of the concepts are.

I know I will be dropping over for a extended visit.

I also recommend checking out their website. In particular, How they have explained the link between the Early Years Learning Framework and their practices.

As a teaser, I'm hoping to write a post about controlled crying (why not to do it) and integrating household tasks into the curriculum aka waldorf Steiner


  1. I'm really looking forward to reading your upcoming posts about "controlled crying" (I don't know what it is so look forward to learning), and as well your thoughts on integrating household tasks into the curriculum. Waldorf teaching, as well as Montessori are interest of mine.

  2. Hi Brenda

    Controlled Crying is when you let a child cry because it is said to "be good for them".... Hoping to publish about it soon - want to make sure I have all my references right as it is quite a sensitive issue for some parents.

    Am really appreciating your feedback and your blog